Carpet is a beautiful addition to your home. It instantly adds an aesthetic value as well as a warm and comfortable feel. Carpet is certainly an investment that you should take care of. Carpet can also face a number of cleaning threats. One that can become a real nightmare, if not cared for properly, is removing oil-based paint from your carpet.

Paint spills can easily happen whenever you’re painting a room in your home. If you don’t act fast to clean it up, it can leave your carpet in a state of ruin. If you are ever faced with this situation, the important thing is not to panic. Removing oil-based paint from your carpet is not impossible, although you will need the proper tools and techniques to do it successfully. Here are the basics for removing oil-based paint from your carpet.

· The most important thing when dealing with oil-based paint, or any spill for that matter, on your carpet is to act as soon as it occurs. Do not wait several hours or days before cleaning the area; get to it as soon as you possibly can.

· After the paint spills on your carpet, the first thing you want to do is remove as much of it as possible. If you have a shop vac this task will be much easier. Simply extract as much of the paint as possible with the vac. If you do not have one of these handy tools then you can use a cloth or some towels. Just be sure not to rub at the spill. Rubbing will only make things worse for you and your carpet. Blot at the area with your towels and allow as much paint as possible to absorb into them. Replace the towels as they become saturated.

· After removing the paint from the carpet, it is time to deal with the stain that is left behind. Oil-based paint is difficult to remove because it does not come off just by using water. You will need to use a thinning agent such as mineral spirits or rubbing alcohol to remove it from your carpet. Apply the thinning agent to a towel or cloth and then blot the area. Repeat this step until all of the stain is gone. Read the care instructions for your carpet to make sure that the thinning agent you are using will not damage the carpet fibers.

· Once the paint stain is gone, you will need to thoroughly rinse the area with warm water and then dry it completely. This will remove from your carpet any excess residue from the thinning agent.

See, removing oil-based paint stains from your carpet isn’t all that hard. Just make sure you tend to the spill immediately and refrain from rubbing at the area. With this in mind and the easy steps above, you should be able to return your carpet to its clean and spotless state in no time.


Source by John Dannon

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