Install Hardwood Floor – Step by Step

Hardwood floor is a common type of flooring in many houses today. With the introduction of advanced materials and technology it can be applied on the concrete floor. It should be applied with proper handling and preparation.

A wood floor in the house will give a warm and appealing look to the house. People who want to install a hardwood floor on the concrete can install it to give beauty to the home and it is also long lasting.

Step 1

The preparation required to install a hardwood floor is to keep the wood flooring in the home at least a week so that it will acclimate to your homes temperature.

Step 2

Next you have to clean the concrete floor. You must make sure that the concrete floor is completely dry. Wood flooring cannot be placed on the concrete floor which is new, but only concrete which is older than sixty days. Check the base to find any rough or high spots. You may to use the sander and will have to sand down the high or rough spots to make it level. Then you must clean the dust or sand in the floor.

Step 3

The next step is to apply the moisture barrier with a paint roller. Applying the moisture barrier with the paint roller will seal the concrete and will protect the hardwood floor. You must then leave everything to dry for at least sixteen hours.

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Things to Remember

The best way to install a hardwood floor is to start at the edge of wall. Remember to apply the adhesive to the concrete floor directly. Then you need to place the wood on the adhesive pressing directly. It is best to continue this process by pressing each board against each other. You can always use mineral spirits on the soft rag to remove the excess adhesive from the surface of the wood flooring. It is recommended to leave up to 1/4 gap between the wall and wood flooring. This gap is needed for the changes of temperatures and for the expansion of all of the surfaces.

Final Steps

After completing the installation process you should walk gently and check whether all of the boards have adhered to the adhesive. Make sure that you do not allow any traffic on the floor while it is placed for drying. No one should walk on the floor for at least for 12 hours. After the process of drying is completed you will then nail one quarter inch round molding to the wall to fill the joint. Finally, make sure to clean up with the mineral spirits.

A Beautiful Floor for Your Home

You new hardwood flooring will help immensely to improve the look of your home.


Source by Harry Bernstein

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