Laying carpet is a relatively easy, cost effective way to improve your homes value. That once green carpet has been replaced with a large variety of colors and thicknesses. The best choice is one made from UV olefin fibers. It’s the most durable and has been treated to prevent fading. Installing outdoor carpet isn’t difficult. Read on to learn how to replace outdoor carpets.

You should first begin by measuring room dimensions and then make a graphic design of the measurements. This will help you decide how many feet you need it’s wise to add 6″Â to each side to allow for uneven cutting or oddly shaped walls.

Once you have your DIY carpeting you need to make sure the floor is clean and you should remove doors that swing toward the carpet. You then need to gather the following before you begin your project; sharp utility knife, double faced carpet tape, chalk like, scissors, tape measure and a straight edge.

To master how to replace outdoor carpets, you need to decide if you will use glue or tape. It is best to use glue on outdoor carpet and in high traffic areas. If you are using tape place the tape around the edges of the room. Do not remove the protective paper from the tape. Next you should place a 6″ by 6″ X of tape in the room, spacing every 2″.

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The next step is to center the DIY carpeting in the room. Allow the excess to run up the wall. Fold the carpet on top of itself. Next either remove the protective cover over the tape or apply the glue to the subfloor with a trowel. Unroll the doubled the carpet onto the area.

Repeat these steps for the other side. Once this is done smooth out the carpet and trim. Make sure to cut parallel to the floor, making V’s for the corners. Walk along the edges to make it stick better. Trim loose strings along the edges. Use a metal binder strip or an aluminum saddle for the door ways

Outdoor carpet should be made from UV olefin fibers. You should be able to clean with detergent and rinsed with a hose. The carpet needs to be chemical treated to resist the harmful sun rays.

If your carpet will be exposed to moisture it should allow for moisture drainage and have a marine backing. If you are carpeting around the pool, make sure it can withstand these chemicals. Now you know how to replace outdoor carpets.


Source by Zak Stanislawski

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