One of the most embarrassing dilemmas of homeowners in America is having a wet basement floor. When unwanted water or moisture rests in the interior, it gradually damages the foundation, framing of the walls, and other materials in your basement. Waterproofing a basement is the only answer to stop this recurring problem.

Diagnose the Cause of Your Wet Basement Floor

A wet basement floor can be traced back from two major sources: seepage or condensation. To be able to know which of the two causes the leak, you need to find how water enters your basement. Inspect the cellar walls vehemently for cracks and holes. When you have found a probable culprit, do an aluminium foil test.

The aluminium foil test is done by leaving a taped piece of aluminium foil to the moist area for two to three days. On the last day, check the external part of the foil. A damp foil means that the problem is condensation. A wet foil signals seepage. To remedy your problem, here are ways to treat condensation and seepage-induced moisture.

Treat the Cause of Your Wet Basement Floor

Waterproofing a basement can cause you money, but the investment is all worth it. If you find that your problem stems from seepage, check the gutters, spouts, and window wells. Gutters and spouts can get clogged with fallen twigs and leaves forcing water to seep into the basement instead of flowing out. Install gutters and spouts if you don’t have them yet. Make sure that window wells are installed and fully covered to prevent water from settling there.

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If condensation causes your wet floor, you need to alter the temperature of your basement. During wet seasons, close all windows. If cold pipes are present, cover them to prevent moisture from developing. To lessen dampness and restore the perfect humidity level inside your basement, use a dehumidifier. If you don’t have one, buy. Enhancing ventilation is the only key to eliminating moisture.

A wet basement caused by seepage or condensation is fairly easy to treat. Basement waterproofing cost should not add up to a fortune especially if the problem could be fixed by installing a downspout or gutter. However, if your wet floor problem stems from other more serious sources, waterproofing it could be more expensive.

Your basement is the foundation and an integral part of your home so before you launch into any major work on it, make sure you find out everything you need to know or else it can be long, painful and expensive.


Source by Steven B. Loi

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