Far from being limited to the unsightly green outdoor carpet that is found on boat decks, docks, and poolsides, outdoor carpeting can be more stylish than one might think and useful in a number of settings.

One of the most important things to consider in choosing outdoor carpeting is how much exposure to the elements might be involved. Although many brands may be advertised as being “outdoor,” some of these may not actually be manufactured to withstand heavy exposure to rain, snow, or direct sunlight.

Marine carpet is manufactured using a rubber backing and an olefin layer on top that makes it extremely resistant to both water and stains. Olefin, also called polypropylene, is a synthetic material that is known for its quick drying properties and its ability to resist dirt, mold, and fading. Although obviously designed for use around boats and pools, marine carpet is also useful in any place where moisture might be an issue, such as in basements or garages. Marine carpet is available by the roll, similar to indoor carpeting, making it useful in covering large areas and reducing the number of seams. It can often be cut to exactly fit the area to be carpeted and can be applied using carpet glue. Most commonly available in blue and green, marine carpeting can also be found in brown gray, gold, and sometimes other colors as well. It can also be found in a few different patterns. Such variety of available colors and patterns makes marine carpeting a popular choice among those looking for carpeting that looks good for use in and around the home.

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Turf and grass outdoor carpets are designed, as one would imagine, to simulate grass. Like marine carpeting, this type is also highly resistant to the elements. One of the drawbacks to turf and grass carpeting is the fact that it is generally only available in squares, which can create a large amount of seeming when compared to marine carpeting. This does, however, allow for the easy replacement of certain areas of carpeting affected by wear and tear, as it is much more convenient to replace a few squares versus replacing an entire area. Turf and grass carpeting generally comes with a sticky backing that can simply be peeled away prior to applying the square to the designated area. Because it is designed to look like grass and its color availability is limited, this type may not be the best choice for use in the home but is well suited for strictly outdoor use or where color is not an issue.


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