Indoor-outdoor carpet is very popular on porches and patios. They are a great way to make these areas feel more room like. They can really enhance an outdoor living space. In addition to the outside areas these types of carpets are also valued for their use inside the home as well. They are often used in recreation rooms and sunrooms. They are durable and can easily be cleaned which makes them perfect for homes with small children.

Care and Maintenance

The beauty of having indoor-outdoor carpet is that it can be literally hosed down to be cleaned. These carpets are very durable they are easy to clean because they usually do not have a lot of padding underneath them.

They can be vacuumed or swept to remove loose debris. They are perfect for patios because they are largely weather resistant. They can get wet without much problem.

Today’s Carpet

Long gone is the green turf looking indoor-outdoor carpet of the past although this type is still widely available and widely used. Today’s carpet that is meant to be used both inside and outside can look exactly like high end indoor carpet. There is carpet with patterns and that look really amazing.

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This type of newer carpet is fashioned from plastic synthetic although it is not obvious to the eye or even the touch but the plastic largely protects the carpet from failing in the elements. This new technology has made this carpet more popular than ever.

There is a host of colors and patterns that are available today that was not even available five years ago.


The cost for this type of carpet can be as expensive as using actual indoor carpet. Of course you pay for what you get so you will not be disappointed by the product in most cases.

Expect to pay around one hundred dollars for a carpet that is around eight feet by twelve feet. To carpet an entire room wall to wall you can quadruple that number.

Is It Worth The Money?

Well it is worth the money if you will be using and enjoying the area, is it a big selling point if you are trying to sell your home, that answer is probably no. It is worth the investment because it reduces the stress of having to keep up with carpet that is not made for outdoor use.


Source by Paul Neidalos

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