With the lifespan of a industrial carpet you should choose your carpet carefully because you will be looking at it for a long time. They are made of synthetic and are very resistant to staining and dirt. They do not crush down and get matted as easy as standard carpet. They are great for businesses such as a dentist office and large scale operations such as a hotel. Cleaning with a good quality carpet cleaner and regular vacuuming is all you need to do the keep them looking When these carpets are manufactured of color fast fibers so they are not likely to loose color when exposed to sunlight on a regular basis. There are different grades of industrial carpets which all are designed for areas with heavy traffic level loop, Berber, multilevel loop.

When it comes time for installation of your carpet all the old carpeting must be removed from the room including the molding around the outside of the room. The tack strips can also be removed and discarded. Clean the sub floor of any dirt make sure there is no moisture present. The new tack strips can now be installed around the outside of the room leaving a half inch gap between the strip and the wall The carpet can now be laid out in the room placing it down on top of the tack strips Cutting from the backside of the carpet you can trim the carpet to size. A kicker is then used to to stretch and attach the carpet onto the tack strips after that the carpet is then worked with a carpet stretcher. Any excess carpet can be cut off with a wall trimmer. The carpet can then be tucked down between the wall and tack strip and the baseboard molding can then be installed. Door strips are used to give a transition between your carpet floors and other flooring.

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For high traffic areas industrial carpets will stand up to wear and tear for years of service and will give your business a appealing new look.


Source by Michael Bachman

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