Carpet prices are determined by square feet. When measuring the area of the room, measure the widest part and the longest and multiply those numbers together. This will take into consideration any alcoves or other areas that recede from the main part of the room. And always round up the numbers. It’s better to have too much carpet than not enough. Prices will be determined by the maker of the carpet and may include removal of old carpet and installation of the new.

Since carpet fibers are produced from petroleum one factor that influences carpet prices is the price of oil at any given time. Also the quality of the carpet will determine how durable the carpet will be and how long before you have to consider replacing it. Traffic is another factor to consider. If you have a large family chances are you have a lot of feet running through the house. This can wear down a carpet fairly quickly. You can shop at discount carpet warehouses and find sales on name brand carpets however. This is always a good idea.

Installation costs are often part of the price of the carpet. Sometimes the retailer will provide the installation and sometimes they will have a company they can refer you to. Your best bet in that case is to find a professional installation company yourself. You don’t want your carpet installed poorly only to have to have it done again. And unless you are familiar with installation it is not advised that you do it yourself. There are many tools and techniques involved to get a carpet to lay right.

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Another thing you will have to consider is carpet padding. This is something you cannot do without. This provides essential cushioning for your new carpet. Otherwise it would be like walking on no carpet. Padding is sometimes included in your purchase but you have to look at the pad that comes in the purchase because often the dealer will try to give you less than quality merchandise because it needs to get rid of product.

Do your research, find the best carpet dealer with the best prices and check out all the installation and padding fees before you buy. It will save you money in the long run.


Source by Peter Flaherty

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