Frugal doesn’t mean cheap.  It means spending your money efficiently.  Lets rename cheap carpets, frugal carpets in today’s economy.  Short sales and foreclosures are at a record high in the United States.  Many of these abandoned and unwanted buildings have become complete disasters inside.  If you are an investor, getting these buildings with their destroyed carpets back to a productive state quickly is important.  Holding down the investment of cash in these properties is almost important. Getting frugal (or cheap carpets) is a quick and easy way to improve these homes. 

From the other side of the equation, look at the types of carpet you may be living with as a renter.  Here are some important items you should look for when going into a rental home with cheap carpets. 

One of the best cheap long wearing carpets contains Olefin fiber.  Take a subjective look at the carpet fabric.  You are looking for something that makes you comfortable and happy.  Olefin carpet fibers are in products ranging from the doormat quality coming into and out of businesses, to a much more home feel.  There are downside issues with Olefin. Carpet cleaners hate it.  It mats easily.  Discounting those problems, if hanging on to your cash is your intent, Olefin carpets will get the job cheaply.  Pay special importance to carpet padding and thickness when you are considering cheap carpets. A good pad can make a cheaper carpet look and feel much better.   The top of the line pad isn’t needed, but getting something better than the lowest quality is necessary. The quality of the pad will make your cheap carpet purchase last longer.

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The life of a cheap carpet is about five years and comes at a cost of about $8 per square yard.  That is clearly all dependent on the way the carpet is cared for in the home. Big dogs running rampant and carpets that are never vacuumed will reduce the carpet life. Here’s another tip to save money and get better carpets at lower prices is look for room remnants.  Remnants are left over from a big jobs the carpet company has completed.  Depending on how much you want to look and your level of compromise, you can find remnants that will be big enough to fit your project.  The best part is the price.  You can save up to 50% off standard carpet prices using remnants.

As with most everything in life, the amount of time and work you do on the project will effect on how much money you save.  Getting an installation bid before you even begin looking for a carpet is another good money saving idea. Your overall price will be much clearer to you with this bid. If you can do your own carpet installation, you can save even more money.   Be cautious.  Carpet installed improperly will drastically reduces the life of any carpet.  You can imagine what it will do to these cheap carpets.  If you have concerns about your handiwork, this would be a place to pass it off to the experts.


Source by Ray Massie

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