The type of marine grade carpet chosen often depends on the type of boat and its intended use. A bass or fishing boat for example will be in need of a tough and resilient carpet, that offers UV resistant fibers, and is able to hold up to the effects of stains, mildew or mold after long periods in damp conditions. Its crucial that the marine carpet is made of a thick, heavy, and durable material that’s able to withstand the challenges of the marine environment.

These boat carpets are easy to install with its flexible rubbing backing and a material that’s easy to cut to shape. Installation can often be achieved with the ideal tools and a little direction. Just remember to use one of the specific water-resistant adhesives to glue down the boat carpet to give that firm hold. Although, for someone that’s not too keen on do-it-yourself projects, its still possible to save $ by buying the carpet from one of the online marine supply stores and having an installer fix it in place.

To ensure that a low-quality boat carpet isn’t purchased look towards a carpet that the major manufacturers use as standard on their production boats. There are a variety of companies that offer such boating wear, so it shouldn’t be a problem to locate a carpet that’s able to resist  effects of the salt air, humidity and moisture out at sea.

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The rubber backed marine carpets are also ideal in places that require a durable or weather proof footing, such as workshops, garages, docks, patios or a basement. The marine-grade quality carpets are going to offers years of service and that’s much longer than a lot of the standard outdoor carpets could do. And in most cases maintenance is a case of a wash down with warm water and a household detergent.

Whether its a bass boat, motor-driven yacht, pontoon boat or a simple runabout there are a vast choice of marine carpet that’s up to the abuse of the sun, salt spray and dampness out on the water. And these carpets can make the ideal investment for someone looking to spruce up an old boat.


Source by Arran James

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