With the growing popularity, outdoor carpets are an inevitable part in any household. Long lasting 100% synthetic fibers are used for making outdoor carpets. It may be available in different shades and colors. The heavy traffic, pets, foods etc may cause stains and dirt on the outdoor carpets. Outdoor carpets require daily cleaning and maintenance. Occasional deep cleaning is necessary to keep up the appearance of the carpets.

Vacuum cleaning is important in cleaning the dust and mud. Visible debris and dirt can be picked up easily through vacuuming. Daily vacuuming avoids settling dirt and soils under the carpet. Try to avoid sticking nails and other type of sharp edged items on the carpet as proper care is required to remove these items. Spills should be removed immediately. Never try to rub the spills with cloths or paper as stains may spread up to the whole carpets. You can softly blot the spills using blotting papers.

You can apply mild soap solution 1/2 to 1 ounce per gallon of water in case of hard stains or pet stains. While applying this place the carpet in the sunlight in order to dry, after cleaning. Ensure to avoid pouring liquids on the carpets.

You can also broom the outdoor carpet against soils. Push broom will work in booming. Vomit, whether it is human’s or pet’s, may cause permanent discoloration of the carpet unless it is cleaned immediately. The pH value of the vomit is usually high. Proper care should also be given to clean these kinds of stains. You can apply a professional carpet cleaner liquid on the vomit and rinse it off cleanly. If the stain is very hard then you can consider dying.

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Olefin material requires special care. The stains on this material may reappear after cleaning also. A good carpet cleaning solution with water makes only little improvement. Spills of tomato ketchup, wines etc should be gently blot with paper before starting the cleaning. You can use peroxide solution for cleaning these types of colored stains.

Vinegar is a good solution for deep stains removal. Applying vinegar solution will help to clean the deep stains and mud. Boots is another enemy of outside carpets. Always try to avoid boots while walking on carpet; strong boots may ruin the life of the carpet itself.

Oils are the other major factor that will affect the carpet. The stains of oils are difficult to clean and it may also spread fast. Use some mild dish soap solution to clean these stains. Break cleaner is found to be good in the removal of almost all types of stains.


Source by Imran Al

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