Dry soil is the most harmful killer of area rug fibers. This is even more true with wool, silk, rayon, and cotton rugs. Most rug owners don’t vacuum their rugs properly. This quick article will show you tips on how you can make your area rugs last much longer.

Vacuuming is obvious. It’s the single most important thing you can do. But the manner in which you vacuum is almost as important. Rug fibers need to be vacuumed in several directions. It’s best to vacuum in at least three different angles to make sure you remove as much soil as possible.

Vacuum at least once a week. In homes or buildings with pets or large amounts of traffic, consider vacuuming daily. More often is best. Dry soil ruins rugs much faster than vacuuming too frequently. If you see traces of soil, it’s time to vacuum.

When you vacuum, go slow. The slower your vacuuming process, the more soil you are removing from your rug. In order to increase vacuum efficiency, make sure your vacuum bag is not more than half full.

What kind of vacuum should you use? For most rugs, a vacuum with a beater bar is best. A beater bar is a rolling bar located at the bottom of the vacuum where the suction orifice is located. The beater bar helps to lift up dry soil. However, using a vacuum with a beater bar may destroy delicate rugs. For these delicate rugs, simply turn off the beater bar or use a vacuum system without a rolling beater bar.

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There is one HUGE advantage to areas rug over installed carpet. Area rugs can be removed, flipped face down, and vacuumed. If the rug isn’t too thin, a vacuum with a beater bar is best for the back of the rug. The bar will vibrate soils out from deep in the back of the fibers. After you perform this process, flip the rug back over and vacuum the face fibers very well. This should be done every 3-6 months.

Professional dry soil removal processes can help greatly. In addition, professional “dusting” or soil removal by vibration should be done yearly. This is especially important for rugs that are walked on frequently. Professional rug cleaning companies have machines that can gently vibrate and remove 10 times more soils than your vacuum cleaner.

If you keep up with dry soil removal and maintenance, your area rugs can last a lifetime.


Source by John Braun

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