Carpet tiles are the easiest way to spruce up a place. They not only are easy to install and maintain, but are also recyclable which makes them ideal for the environment. Recycling is the name of the game nowadays especially with the worldwide campaign of saving our planet from further pollution and unnecessary destruction. Recycling used items, carpet tile included, lessens the amount of trash in landfills thus making “green living” more feasible.

Recycled carpet tiles come in a variety of qualities depending on the results after reconditioning and cleaning. When making a purchase, ask the dealer about the quality and life span of the tiles that you are interested in. These are important factors that can affect the price of the tile set that you are interested in. Some dealers even offer big discounts depending on the quantity of tiles that you will be purchasing from them. You might even be lucky enough to purchase a set of tiles that have not been used regularly and is of very good quality but you need only pay for a fraction of the cost compared to the cost of a brand new set. One good example is a set of tiles that are used only for exhibits and are kept most of the time inside a storage facility. Now wouldn’t that be a great investment?

Carpet tile recycling facilities are now available (although it is still in its early stages) and you just need to go online on the internet to check if there is one available near you. Contact the nearest carpet recycling facility so you will be aware of their policies in accepting tiles for recycling. In case there are no facilities near your location, you can always contact dealers who offer recycled or reclaimed carpet tiles as part of their products because there is a high probability that they can make arrangements for you to ship out your used or unwanted tiles for recycling.

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Different companies have practically the same policy when it comes to accepting used carpet tiles for recycling. Carpet tiles are accepted for recycling as long as they are not badly damaged and is in good and re-usable condition. These companies first sort out the recyclable tiles by grade or quality. Badly damaged or un-reusable tiles are removed from the lot. The tiles that have passed the grade or quality inspection are then thoroughly cleaned and sanitised. These are now ready for selling.

If you have finally decided that the only place for your used tiles is outside your door and into the trash bin, wouldn’t it be better if you do your share of saving the environment by having them recycled?


Source by Paolo Burton

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