There is nothing worse than staining your carpet. One of the worst stains is ink. Ink is extremely difficult to remove but is not impossible. Learn how to remove ballpoint pen ink from your carpet in this article.

The first step in removing the ink is to try to blot up as much of the ink as possible. Using a dry dye free paper towel blot the spot. Work from the outside in so that you do not spread the ink any further. Keep dabbing gently until no more of the ink will transfer to the paper towel. Now it is time to apply some isopropyl alcohol. Apply the alcohol to a clean paper towel and gently dab the spot. Once again remember to work from the outside in so that you do not spread the ink. Be careful not to apply too much alcohol and be careful not to let the alcohol penetrate the backing of the carpet as it could harm the backing. Keep gently dabbing the spot until no more ink transfers to the paper towel. If the spot is gone you should stack a few paper towels on the spot and place a clean weight on it so that any remaining residue will wick out of the carpet.

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If this fails to remove the spot you should probably call in a professional carpet cleaner. They will have the knowledge and tools to remove difficult stains. If you try to hard you can easily make a small ink stain a large one so be very careful. Good luck.


Source by James C

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