Rental Property Carpet can represent a significant amount of a landlord’s or property manager’s budget. These types of dwellings typically have to replace carpet or flooring much more often than any other segment in the floorcovering industry. These purchases can add up in a hurry and may hinder profits if not watched closely. There are several options available to Rental property owners when it comes to carpeting. Some of these options you may have not been aware of and could save quite a bit of money over time.

1. Traditional Plush style carpet is the most used in rental property. This style is available in lower face weights down to 14-18 ounces (face weight is one measure how carpets are compared to each other). This 14-18 ounce range doesn’t provide a very long lasting product. If you can go to a product in the 20 ounce range, it will last longer, saving you money on installations and materials by not having to change the flooring so frequently. Also, this entry level rental property carpet choice is offered in both polyester, PET and nylon yarn designs. Polyester is typically the lower end fiber used in these budget priced offerings. If you can afford to take a step to PET or Nylon, it will save you money in the long run as these two yarns will probably give you extra life on the carpeting.

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2. Carpet Tiles are a great option for rental property. The commercial design of the carpet used in tiles will hold up to an army and they are easy to replace if needed. The issue with carpet tiles and squares is that as first quality products they are very expensive. If you can find a dealer that has seconds, off goods or promotionals in carpet tiles, it is worth a look. Carpet Tiles and squares are also an excellent option for commercial rental property as well. Just be sure to find the right deal. You should be able to find deals on commercial carpet tile for under $.89 per foot.

3. Commercial carpet is a long lasting product. It may not be as appealing as a plush in a residential rental property or apartment, but the right colors might ease the look somewhat. Commercial carpet is similar to carpet tiles in structure. It is also similar to tiles in the fact that you will need to find very good deals in the form of seconds, overruns, promotionals etc, to fit this into a landlord’s budget.


Source by Eric M Dyer

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