There are many types of floors that can be found in a home, and carpet was a popular choice in the past. Today, most modern homes are going with laminate or tile flooring, and even hardwood floor is experience resurgence thanks to new preservation techniques. But there is something special about carpet that gives a home a more family-vibe, and the fact is carpets can add to a decor like no other type of floor. So if you have a carpet floor and would like to give it an update, it’s a job that is entirely manageable by one or two people. Of course if you are looking to re-carpet an entire house then you’d do well to call in a professional. But if it’s just one area you want to fix up then here are some simple tips for replacing a carpet floor.

Your first step will be to vacuum the floor completely and get rid of any unnecessary mess in the room. You don’t want to be breathing in any dust particles, and there will be many if you don’t do a good cleaning. The job may also get quite cluttered so limit what you have in the room to whatever flooring supplies you have assembled. The most fun part of the job is cutting and ripping the old carpet out. You want to cut the carpet into manageable section and roll them up accordingly. When the floor is clear give it a good inspection to make sure there is no underlying damage, and give it a good clean with something like a steam cleaner that will gently handle any leftover mess.

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With the old carpet out of the way the next step is to hammer in tackless strip along the perimeter of your room. When that is secure, take your new carpet and carefully roll it into place, making adjustments where necessary. Fasten the carpet end to the tackless while leaving enough room for overlap. Then use a knee-kicker to attach the carpet to the tackless while tightening up the loose ends. You’ll want the fit to stretch as tight as possible so spend some time doing this process correctly no matter how physically demanding it may be. When you’re done the last thing you’ll need to do is cut off the excess carpet with a wall trimmer and voila, you have yourself a new carpeted floor.


Source by Stayson Graham

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