Carpet purchase is a highly expensive purchase for an average consumer. As per the current market trends, consumers are choosing carpets for their outdoors too. Different types of outdoor carpets are available in the market with variety of colors, textures and patterns. While choosing an outdoor carpet, you should be aware of the location where you are going to install it. You will get number of carpet varieties for your outdoor locations like pool area, duck, patio decks, breezeways, gazebos etc.

While selecting the carpet you should also give proper care to the climate of the region where you are located. Rain, humidity and general dampness are mostly affecting the durability of the carpets. Most of the outdoor carpets are made from a material called olefin. Since it has a rough texture, it is not suitable for indoors. Olefin is highly durable as well as stain resistant. To a large extent sunlight and humidity may not affect these carpets.

Outdoor plush carpets are the other type of outdoor carpets. Plush carpets are comfortable for barefoot walking. Superior quality synthetic yarns are used for manufacturing this kind of carpets. Always consider waterproof materials for outdoor carpets. Earlier, grass style carpets were widely used in the outdoors.

Now, people are selecting striking colors for outsides. But dark colors are recommended for the outdoors as dark colors hide the dirt and stains. Outdoor carpets will please your guests. Select right patterns and textures for the outdoors. You can select small sized carpets for the portico.

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Don’t compromise for durability. Ensure that raw materials used in the carpets are durable for longer periods. If you are going to install carets in gazebo or on a patio, outdoor rugs should be 3 inches smaller in each direction than the floor space of the area. This creates a bordered effect and it makes cleaning process, easier too.

Do proper budgeting before the purchase. Buying low quality materials at low cost will create problems in the future. So try to buy high quality material in minimum price, where possible. Follow the installation and cleaning instructions supplied along with the carpet.


Source by Imran Al

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