When decorating your home, the window treatments you choose will make a large impact on the overall look and feel of the space. Depending on your style, the room, the amount of light, noise levels and the amount of privacy you require, your choices will vary greatly. Use these ten factors as your to ensure a look and feel that will make your home décor come together and stand out.

1. Budget

Your budget will be a deciding factor in what is available to you; window treatments can be pricey! Set your budget out in advance and shop within your means to avoid a shocking and disappointing estimate.

2. Natural Light

The purpose of windows is to allow natural light in. However, you want to take in to account the amount of light you would like your room to have. Blinds, lined curtains and heavy drapes all block light. Sheers, solar window shades and light fabrics help enhance light.

3. Function

Consider the function of your window and what you want to achieve. Do you have an amazing ocean view? The function of your window is to maximize that view, and your window treatments should be understated and minimalist. If the function of your window treatments is to make a statement with your interior décor, go for something bold.

4. Window Size and Proportions

Always consider proportions when selecting window treatments. If you have a window that is small in proportion to the room, you may want to extend the treatment slightly beyond the frame to make it appear larger. If you have a low ceiling, use vertical lines to give the image of a higher ceiling.

5. Privacy

Especially in your home, privacy should always be a factor in your selected window treatments. Heavy drapery blinds and shutters all offer privacy in your home while sheers and simple valances offer very little. Dual treatments (a heavy drape with a sheer liner) are great solution for the best of both worlds.

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6. Maintenance

When shopping for your window treatments, consider what it will require for care and cleaning. Many are dry-clean only and require steaming; if you do not have the time or attention for this, look for treatments that can be thrown in the wash.

7. Mechanics

Consider if and how your windows open. If they do, make sure your window coverings allow you to easily open them.

8. Noise

If you live near a busy street or a playground, you may want window treatments that help muffle that noise. Heavy fabric will absorb sound, where as hard treatments such as wooden shutters will enhance it.

9. Hard-to-Reach Windows

For out-of-reach windows (think large entry ways or on vaulted ceilings), you will need to consider your covering carefully. Motorized shutters and blinds are a great option for these windows.

10. Style

Your window treatments are an important part of your home décor, so make sure it plays in to the home’s decorating scheme well. Remember- it doesn’t have to match, it has to go. Don’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns to make a personalized palette that really pops. Consider architectural elements in your home as well; if your space is very modern with clean lines, a heavy and regal looking suede valance may not be the appropriate choice. Don’t be afraid to enlist the help of a design consultant in store- they know window treatments and can help match them to your life and style.


Source by Laurel R. Lindsay

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