Sisal carpets have been in use for a long time, as the durability of the fibers used to make them can’t be beat. Sisal is made from the fibers of the agave plant, which are long and tough. Native peoples in the Americas had used agave for making footwear and other implements of daily life because of its durability. Sisal is tougher and stronger than other fibers like jute, seagrass, and hemp, and can also be dyed easily, which means you can find many varieties of sisal carpets on the market. These are great for all areas of your home, but especially the ones that get a lot of traffic because a carpet made of sisal is not easily worn down.

Of course, the toughness of the sisal fiber means that these rugs can be a bit dense and hard, so you may prefer to get a wool sisal carpet blend for areas like the living room, where people may wish to sit on the carpet sometimes. You don’t sacrifice much durability at all, as wool is a very durable natural fiber in and of itself. In contrast to sisal, wool is also naturally water resistant. A blended wool sisal carpet will generally consist of 40% sisal and 60% wool, and will feel very comfortable under the feet. And although such carpets contain more wool than sisal, the appearance is that of a sisal carpet.

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One thing that sisal is not so great for is wet areas- avoid using carpets made of sisal in very damp areas, because sisal is a natural fiber that will mold and rot if kept constantly moist. If you still want the sisal look for such areas, you may wish to get a carpet made of synthetic sisal. Such a carpet will resist moisture and spills better, and also be easier to clean up. Many also use UV treated polypropylene, which make them resistant to fading under sunshine. Natural sisal that has been dyed will tend to lose color over time if exposed to sunlight, and should be turned to slow or prevent this process.

General sisal carpet cleaning involves regular vacuuming. If a spill occurs, clean it up immediately or it may severely shorten the life of your carpet.


Source by Anton Lowenthal

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