If you happen to be a cat lover, then you should already know that cats love to scratch stuff, whether it’s door jambs, cardboard boxes, your curtains or even your couch. Scratching is a form of exercise for the cat, stretching out their arm and shoulder muscles; think of it as resistance training for your feline. Luckily though, whoever invented the scratching post was smart enough to realize that cats like to scratch on sisal, too. In fact, I have a sisal scratching board that my cat absolutely adores.

Sisal can also be enjoyed by us humans too, but not necessarily as a scratching post. In case you didn’t know, sisal is a natural fiber that comes from the plant Agave Sisalana and is mostly used in the textile industry, mainly for manufacturing ropes. Because of their durability and low maintenance cleaning requirements, sisal fibers are becoming popular in the rug and textile industry. Not to mention sisal rugs are just pretty to have around the home.

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Since they’re considered non-traditional rugs, e.g., they’re not made out of wool or cotton, sisal rugs can be used indoors and in covered outdoor areas such as the patio or sunroom. Coincidentally enough if you do leave your sisal rug in the sunroom, chances are your cat will happen upon it and sleep on it because of its awesome texture. Generally, most sisal rugs don’t have the same braiding as a sisal scratching board, so your cat will probably just sniff at it, rub the sides of his face to mark his territory and just settle down. Even if he does scratch on your rug, it shouldn’t have too much damage.

Ideal for dressing up casual settings which any human or feline will be happy with, sisal rugs have that knack for adding that natural beauty without going over the top. With its durable fibers that are also anti-static forming, you know for sure that having a sisal rug is a great investment for your home and pet life!


Source by Vicki Duong

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