Are you thinking your floors need a new look and are feeling a bit, well…floored?

Whether you’re faced with an expanse of hardwood or monotone wall-to-wall carpet which is absolutely screaming for some variety, or an expanse of patterned carpet which is just absolutely screaming, you might find easy, and inexpensive, solution in area rugs.

Area rugs are one of the most flexible tools in a home decorator’s arsenal. They can be selected in colors, textures, and designs to complement, or contrast with, your existing floors and floor treatments.

They can warm and soften tile or stone; protect high-traffic areas of carpeting, and spare hardwood finishes.

And if you have a room, or a series of connected rooms, unified by a neutral shade of wall-to-wall carpeting or hardwood floors, area rugs, properly utilized, can perform multiple functions.

If you’re lucky enough to be starting from scratch, you can choose large area rugs to place on hardwood or carpeting, and color-coordinate your paint, wall paper, upholstery, and window treatments with the area rugs, letting them define your furniture groupings.

But whatever your situation, first, and foremost, consider your colors. Correct use of color is the single most effective way to add serenity, or sizzle, to your room.

Should you be working with a room in which bright colors and elaborate patterns already prevail, tone down some of the vibrancy with area rugs of simple design and neutral shades.

Conversely, if your surroundings are awash in shades of off-white, beige, or any other non-committal color, you can make a very personal statement with dramatic and brightly-hued area rugs.

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And, even if thrilled with your existing colors, you can multiply their effects with area rugs that either complement, or contrast with them; judicious selection and placement of the area rugs will be sure to draw a visitor’s eye to whatever parts of the room you want to emphasize.

But “judicious” is the operative word.

You can avoid some major design mistakes if, when shopping for your area rugs, you bring along swatches of your existing wallpaper, and upholstery and window fabrics. Doing so will improve your chances of choosing area rugs which look right at home.

And decide if your need the area rugs to contribute to impression of spaciousness–if so, light colors and simple patterns are best–or to add warmth and coziness to a large room, for which dark, richly patterned area rugs are more effective.

Area rugs can also provide texture to your décor. Hardwood floors will especially benefit from some textural contrast; you can allow the theme of your room to dictate your choice of texture.

Either dyed, or natural, sisal rugs, made treated fibers of the African sisal plant, with their tightly woven, ropelike appearance, lend themselves to contemporary, tropical, or country decorating schemes.

Many contemporary wool or nylon area rugs offer multiple textures, having both looped and tufted pile woven in different lengths to give them surfaces of varying heights and dimensions.

Braided, rya, shag, Berber, or sculptured wool area rugs are other options.

So don’t let your floors intimidate you for another minute. There’s an area rug to eliminate whatever “area of concern” you might have!


Source by Matt Garrett

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