Rugs can do for outdoors spaces what they’ve been doing for indoor spaces for years-define an area and add color, style and texture. Today’s outdoor rugs are so good-looking, durable, and affordable that many of them look great as indoor rugs, too.

Here are many tips to keep in mind when buying or replacing an outdoor rug:

Some are more durable than others, Any rug will last longer if you put it in a covered area.
Sometimes a good shake and spot clean is all an outdoor rug needs. You can also vacuum it. But for a good cleaning, hang it up, hose it off, and let it dry completely before putting it back.
When buying, look for a label that says 100 percent polypropylene. The tag should also say that the rug is UV-stabilized to resist fading, mold and mildew.
Because outdoor rugs are made of synthetic, durable, all-weather materials, they’re a good option for indoors, too, especially in high-traffic areas and mudrooms.
If you are trying to decide between a hand-made or a machine-made rug, consider this: Machine-made rugs are lighter, they dry faster, and they are better for exposed areas. Handmade may have a higher pile and feel softer, but they hold water and will stay soggy longer.
Add a mesh pad under the rug if it’s slipping. A pad will also make it look thicker.
When picking an outdoor rug, determine the size. In a seating area, at least all front legs of furniture should be on the rug. In a dining area, all legs should be on the rug even when chairs are scooted out.
Current popular designs include bold colors and patterns, particularly florals, botanicals, and geometrics.

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Be sure to keep in mind that mold and mildew can form on an outdoor rug if it’s getting rained on (or your sprinkler is hitting it) frequently. A good quality outdoor rug will be made to resist rapid mold and mildew growth, however there isn’t a rug we’ve ever seen that is completely “mold proof.” To ensure your rug lasts for many years, again throw it over a railing or hang it up after a heavy rain or anytime it gets really wet. Mark your calendar to do it once a week, and you’ll be just fine. This will also help dry and preserve the surface underneath the rug, too! Especially if that surface is a wood deck.

Take good care of your outdoor rug, and it will take good care of you.


Source by Andy J. Bell

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