There are plenty of places to buy new home carpeting these days: furniture stores, discount stores, and even your local home improvement store! But buying carpet isn’t like purchasing a can of paint: it’s a serious investment and one that will have consequences in your family’s quality of life for years to come. Here are some reasons why a carpet specialty store is THE place to buy carpet.

–When you visit your locate flooring store, you can be sure that flooring is all they do! Employees live and breathe carpet, hardwoods, laminates or whatever else you may be looking for. When you choose to buy from a furniture store, chances are that you won’t get the advantage of having thoroughly knowledgeable, focused employees at your disposal to help answer your questions and make a wise decision.

–Your local home improvement store probably has a large selection, but the quality of the products they carry is dubious at best. Remember: these types of places specialize only in buying in bulk and you may be limited as to choice of materials and brands offered as well as price ranges. In a carpet specialty store, there are no limitations. Period.

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–Education is important to the carpet-buying process. Unless you’ve done a lot of internet research before you go shopping, you may be going at the process “blind.” A specialty store employee will take the time to thoroughly educate you regarding twist level, density, length of fibers, pads, stain resistance and how to get the most years out of your carpet dollar: that’s the kind of service you simply can’t get from a Big Box chain store.

Where you buy your flooring really does make a difference: in these days of tight budgets, it’s more important than ever to get it right the first time.


Source by Cleo Gib

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