If there is one thing that you need to know about area rugs, it would be where to actually purchase them. It’s very important that you get to search for them at the right places – whether you’re looking for the ideal bargain, most expensive one, the rug with intricate designs, or one that is created by a renowned manufacturer.

1. Ask friends and relatives. The prospect of searching for the “one” can be taxing and sometimes overwhelming. It’s normal that you would be spending days just thinking where you would actually start. You can save time if you can just ask some of your friends and family. Usually, they would suggest the store of their preference, which are just alright. They would not endorse your shops with bad-quality rugs.

2. Look up in the Internet. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to purchase the area rugs online, though if you can see one that suits your taste, you can have the pleasure of entering your credit card information. You can also make use of the Internet to search for tips when it comes to patterns that you would like to see on the rug. You may also drop by home improvement forums and blogs. A lot of people would also talk about area rugs, which of them are the best, and where to find the best deals.

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3. Go for smaller shops. When you want something, the first thing you would like to do is to hit well-known stores. This is perfectly fine, but if you are in a shoestring budget, you may also consider visiting smaller or independent shops. They are commonly under-the-radar ones, which means they are not very popular but carry interesting finds for you. Besides getting the area rug at a much lower price, you will also discover that the item you have bought is unique – you may never find the same design anywhere else.

4. Check out garage sales and bazaars. Aside from craft shops, you may also want to be extra attentive to garage sales and bazaars. For the former, you can’t expect the area rug to be brand-new, but you can verify if it’s still in excellent condition. You can buy it at even half the original retail price. This way, not only you get what you want, but you can also save some dollars.

Sometimes all it needs is practicality and resourcefulness to obtain the jackpot area rug.


Source by Alex Hanson

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