There’s nothing quite like natural wood floors to create a feeling of warmth and luxury. In fact, with homeowners looking to embrace Eco friendly products, the use of wood throughout the home in various guises, is very much on the increase. However, from a safety aspect, especially if you have a young family or an elderly relation living with you, bare wood floors and indeed stairs can be dangerous and can lead to falls and trips. This is where carpet stair treads come into their own.

Stair treads, also referred to as runners, sit on each individual step and offer a cheaper alternative to that of fully carpeting the stairs. When you’re looking to install carpet stair treads then it almost goes without saying that you need to choose a type of carpet which is durable and can withstand a high volume of footfall. Natural fiber rugs such as jute, sea grass or sisal, are all Eco friendly, durable, and available to buy in natural shades and patterns which will enhance your wood and not clash with your decor.

There are many benefits to stair tread rugs, including:

• rugs protect the feet from a hardwood floor and feel warm and cosy in the winter time

• carpet stair treads also muffle the noise from children charging up and down the steps, especially if you have an office below stairs or live in an apartment block above people who do shift work and need quiet during the day to sleep

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• they offer protection to the elderly or young children who could accidentally slip on a shiny wood surface

• they offer protection against breakages should you drop something fragile, when navigating the stairs

• they also protect your steps from wear and tear and are easily cleaned or replaced

Pitfalls of carpet stair tread:

If your staircase is used a lot then stair treads rugs can quickly become dirty so it makes sense to choose a carpet which hides the dirt and is easy to vacuum. The rugs may be supplied with a special backing tape, adhesive or rubber grips. If you have wooden stairs, then before purchasing, check that any adhesive or tape won’t damage the finish or sealant of your wood. If at all possible, see if you can test the grip of your choice of tread rug, so that you don’t end up with something which does more harm than it does well.


Source by Peterson Jeffrey

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