The small town of Wilton is located just outside of Salisbury and has a fine array of traditional pubs and hotels. It also has a lot of history and there are a few historic sites of interest as well as a few modern ones.

House and Gardens

Wilton House is located on the former site of Wilton Abbey and is home to the Earl of Pembroke, William Herbert. Wilton House has a broad history and has been in place since the 16th century. The house itself is full of historic artwork and beautiful architectural design and is also used for holding special events such as the Candlelight Opera Christmas Gala with optional pre-concert lunch at the Pembroke Arms. Wilton Gardens is a haven for wildlife and architecture alike. The Gardens are separated into different areas such as the rose garden and water garden and are linked via the woodland walks. The gardens also contain a lot of architecture such as Palladian Bridge, the Egyptian Column and Millennium Water Feature and for the kids there is a superb adventure playground which is sure to keep the children entertained.

The Italianate Church

Located on Wilton High Street the Church of St. Mary and St. Nicholas (known as the Italianate Church) was built between 1841 and 1845 to replace the old medieval parish church. The church is unlike a traditional English church as it has a mix of Roman, Greek and Russian inspired designs, this is believed to be because the building of the church was commissioned by the Countess of Pembroke who was born in Russia. The church has a lot of history and has some beautiful architectural designs so is worth a visit.

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Garden Centre

Wilton Garden Centre is located at the side of Wilton House and offers one of the widest ranges of plants and gardening accessories in Wiltshire. They have a wide range of products available as well as a restaurant so whether you are shopping for something specific or just browsing you are sure to find something for your garden.

Shopping Village

The Wilton Shopping Village is located just across the road from Wilton House at the junction of the A36 and A30. This outlet shopping village contains a wide range of shops selling everything from big brands and sports equipment to smaller hand crafted goods and niche shops. Set against a beautiful river backdrop you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a break from your shopping and relax in the excellent restaurant.

The Carpet Factory

The world famous Wilton Carpet Factory was started when the Earl of Pembroke smuggled two French weavers into Britain in 1741 with the hope of adopting new carpet-weaving techniques. This resulted in the rise of the carpet industry in Wilton although the factories have closed and re-opened many times and you can find out about the carpeting history of Wilton by taking the carpet factory tour located in the Wilton shopping centre.


Source by John Z Birch

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