When your home’s carpets lose their luster, you may be surprised at the results of professional carpet cleaning service and repair.

It’s common for homeowners to believe their damaged carpet may simply need to be replaced, resulting in expensive flooring costs. However, even carpets that have been subjected to the kids’ spills, to fading over time, and to missing patches can be restored for far lower than the cost of a new carpet.

So before you consider a brand new home or office carpet or rug, please ask your local carpet cleaners if they offer any of these services:

Carpet Cleaning: Go beyond the typical vacuuming and spot treatments with an all-over deep cleaning and steam cleaning. A full-service company may offer foams, shampoos, and odor removal, covering entire rooms. You’ll be surprised at the look of your own floor after a professional cleaning.

And for toughest of all stains, ask about professional pet odor removal.

Carpet Dyeing and Coloring: When you’re up against permanent fading, or you’re considering a new look for your home interior, consider professional dyeing and coloring. A quality flooring company will add sizzle to your rooms with low moisture dyes that dry quickly and withstand typical household hazards.

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Your carpet cleaning company may also offer bleach stain removal.

Carpet Repair: Burns, set-in dog stains, stretching and missing patches are no problem for many carpeting cleaning specialists. Fixing these rough patches as soon as possible will prevent further damage to your carpeting, extending the life of your flooring.

Save Money and Enjoy Quality Flooring

With regular treatments and the occasional repair or coloring, you can maximize the lifespan of your carpet flooring. Sometimes, brand new flooring presents a homeowners’ best option, but first seek an estimate for treatments from a professional home cleaning company.


Source by Cynthia S Jay

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