Have you been thinking about putting new carpet in your home or office? If so, carpet remnants may be the way to go. Most people think that remnants aren’t good quality, as they’re left over carpet pieces. But they are usually new pieces of carpet that are extras from installation. Here are some ways to find remnants for your carpeting needs.

First of all, you can search the internet for carpet warehouses. Some of these have great online deals with one catch though; shipping costs are usually too high because the carpet is so heavy. Before you order any carpet off the internet make sure you know how much the shipping will cost. The main thing to remember when looking for remnants online is it takes a lot of time but there are good deals if you’re patient.

Sometimes when you get great deals online for remnants it is brand new carpet from carpet mills. When this happens it is usually because they have a custom ordered roll of carpet with excess on the end and just cut it off and sell it to carpet warehouses at reduced prices. They cannot really sell it to someone else since it is custom ordered and not enough to do a whole building or office.

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Also installers who have leftover carpet from different jobs often give it to local warehouses. This is brand new carpet as some of it being pretty high quality and very durable; the installers just can’t keep all of the extra. They need to get rid of the carpet somewhere so they offload it to warehouses at reduced prices. This turns out to be a win-win situation as the installers get rid of the carpet and warehouses get remnants to turn around and sale.

If you’re patient and look for the right deal, you can actually end up finding enough remnants to carpet an entire basement, recreational room, or closets. The key is to actually visit your local carpet centers and look at what they have. Keeping in mind they might not have what you want on hand, but check back often. Stay firm on your resolve to find remnants as the carpet retailers are sure to try and sell you new carpet they have in stock and give you all sorts of reasons why remnants are not a good choice.

Personally, my family has carpeted our entire basement using remnants; that was over 350 square feet!


Source by Jay Bablestone

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