When your home is full of people and animals, stains are pretty much inevitable. Even before you use a carpet stain remover, you can protect your carpets from extra foot traffic by using area rugs or mats in high-traffic spots, have everyone who enters your home remove their shoes, and train your pets to use a litter box or go outside.

Before You Start

As soon as you spill something like coffee, wine or salad dressing on your carpet, simply blot the mess with a paper towel and a little water. Never scrub the carpet or you risk forcing the spill to soak through to the carpet pad and ruin your carpet fibers.

Although experts will tell you that no spot remover can eliminate every stain completely, a good carpet spot remover should be effective against a wide variety of discolorations, including coffee, tomato, dirt and oil. The ideal stain remover should be easy to use, eliminate all stains and be safe on any fabric.

Selecting a Stain Remover

Three things you should keep in mind when selecting a carpet stain remover.

First, categorize the stain. Which category does the stain fall into: protein (such as blood), tannin (such as coffee), dye (such as grass) and grease (such as motor oil).
Secondly, make sure you’re using the right product. Some spot removers are best for clothing, some for carpet and upholstery.
And third, follow the product’s instructions. Ensure that you follow the directions for stain removal, since different products will have different instructions.

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Best Carpet Spot Remover

I’ve narrowed it down to three finalists: Resolve Triple Action Carpet Spot Cleaner, Hoover Platinum Collection Instant and Spot Shot Carpet Stain Remover.

1. Resolve Triple Action Carpet Spot Cleaner (22-oz bottle for $6.99)

Pros: Removes a variety of stains; safe for cotton, nylon and sisal rugs.

Cons: Does not remove all stains completely, less effective on set-in stains.

2. Hoover Platinum Collection Instant Stain Remover (18-oz aerosol spray for $12.99)

Pros: Especially competent in removing fresh stains; safe to use on upholstery.

Cons: Chemical smell, a little pricey.

3. Spot Shot Carpet Stain Remover (22-oz for $12.95)

Pros: Removes all categories of fresh and old carpet stains and odors, doesn’t leave residue; non-toxic and certified biodegradable.

Cons: A little pricey.

In conclusion, the third product came out as the winner. This spot remover features all the keys to successful stain cleaning process as mentioned above-easy to use, eliminate all stains and be safe on any fabric-and has consistently good reviews from consumers and product testers. The price is a little higher than others, but it does the job so well that it is well worth it. 


Source by Bill Jeninks

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