Hardwood has returned to American homes with a vengeance. A hardwood floor immediately adds beauty and elegance to your home. And now there are so many fantastic styles and species from which to choose; you can go light with a maple or ash or dark with cherry or walnut, or you can go with an old standby and choose oak. To us at Colorado Floors & Blinds it is also extremely important that we offer hardwood that is certified to be harvested in a sustainable manner. Because our owner has lived and worked in Africa and seen the wanton destruction of tropical forests firsthand, he does not want his business to contribute to this global problem.

The advantages to hardwood floors? They are unsurpassed for beauty. They’re also quite simple to maintain and are free of allergens. And the perceived value of hardwood is even higher than its actual cost, which is why a beautiful hardwood floor can add value to your home at time of resale.

Let our experienced professionals install the hardwood of your dreams and transform your home!

We carry some of the best known brands in hardwood flooring including Mohawk, Shaw and more. Click on the links below to learn more about each.

Hardwood Floors - Formal Dining

Hardwood Floors - The Study

Hardwood Floors - This Is Living

Hardwood Floors - Hail The Hallways

Hardwood Floors - Enter The Entryway

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