Laminate flooring has become extremely popular. Most people are familiar with the wood-look laminate, but both the tile and stone-look laminate are fast gaining ground. It is truly amazing how far the manufacturers have come with the quality and durability of laminate.Just what is laminate? It is a manufactured product that consists of a wood fiber core, a print layer and a top coating of melamine resin and/or aluminum oxides, which provides the excellent dent resistance. With a little glue, heat and pressure these are all fused together. The laminates produced today are much harder than the original laminate counter tops and are much more durable than real hardwood. The surface is designed to simulate other materials, most commonly hardwood and tile, to give a very realistic look to the product. When it comes to installation, you may be surprised to learn that laminate is not actually “attached” to the sub floor, rather it is what is known as a “floating” product.This basically means that it is attached to itself through snap-together, interlocking edges, which allows the entire floor as a system to expand and contract with the varying temperatures of each season. The good part about this for you is that were you to ever have a damaged portion of the floor, you could replace just that one area without having to redo your entire space. So keep any extra pieces from the job someplace handy!

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