There are many things to consider when purchasing outdoor carpeting. Outdoor carpets are found in various different designs, styles, and compositions. When choosing outdoor carpeting, your expectations, needs, and environmental elements need to be taken into careful consideration. Whether you want protection from a cold patio in the winter, or you want to control the amount of water that is tracked on your boat, choosing a synthetic carpet is usually the most practical and convenient form of outdoor carpet.

Outdoor carpeting is mostly designed for use both indoors and outdoors and to withstand high traffic and abuse. Conversely, simply because the carpet is manufactured as an “outdoor” carpet, does not mean it will withstand all the elements of being outdoors such as direct sunlight, snow, and rain. There are many types of carpeting for the outdoors, including marine carpeting and turf-and-grass carpeting.

Olefin, which is also called polypropylene, is a synthetic material used in the manufacturing of most outdoor carpets. It has a high resistance to fading, mold, and dirt, as well as the ability to dry quickly. Marine carpeting is designed to retain water without damaging the floor. To create marine carpeting, a rubber backing is used along with olefin, which resists water and staining. It is used mostly on boats and decks but can also be found in areas with high moisture, such as pool areas, patios, greenhouses, gardens, basements and garages.

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Marine carpeting generally comes in blue or green but can be found in gray, brown, and gold. It is designed specifically for durability. Carpeting can be purchased in cut and loop form and pile form, usually in rolls.

In cut and loop carpets, the carpet fibers are woven through a mesh and then the loop are usually cut or left creating one of a kind patterns and textures. Pile carpeting is a tight mesh of yarn loops that have been cut. It is generally plush and can come in many colors.

This provides for easy installation in large areas, allowing for few seams. Oftentimes, marine carpet can be cut to the exact size of the installation area and installed with carpet glue unlike the turf and grass outdoor carpeting.


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