More and more people are starting to use carpet remnants instead of brand new carpet in their homes. There are several reasons for this, and several reasons why you might want to consider at least looking at using remnants of carpet the next time you redo your flooring for bedrooms and other small rooms in your home.

First of all, remnants are so much cheaper than new carpets. Sometimes you can save up to 75% off what you would have spent — and you really don’t get that much more value. Many carpet pieces are big enough to cover a whole bedroom or study, or even a small living/dining room – saving you quite a bit of money where used.

Second, you can use different style remnants in different rooms to give each room their own look, feel, and style. This is an especially popular solution for those who have children who would like to decorate their own room and have it be different than their brothers’ or sisters’ rooms. Many adults also like this option because it makes the house less-dull than it otherwise would be if every room in the house had the exact same look. So you save money and increase the variety and style of your home.

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As you can tell, there really are some good benefits of using remnant carpet in your home. You can purchase carpet remnants online or in quality carpet stores – just ask them if they have any deals on any remnant pieces they may have. They will be more than willing to speak with you given that they need to get rid of the extra pieces, and you are there to help them with that. You may have to search a little more, go to a few more stores, or click to a few more internet sites, but you should be able to find what you are looking for at a fraction of the cost.


Source by Doug J Smith

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