Nothing makes you want to kick off your shoes at home than a beautiful, warm carpet. If you’re looking for new carpet, then you’ll probably want to search for a wholesale carpet supplier to get the best value for your money. Other than price, though, there are a lot of decisions you’ll need to make about your final carpet choice. You may be surprised to find there’s much more to your wholesale carpet choice than just picking your favorite color.

The first decision you should make is for the basic construction of wholesale carpet you’ll need. The appearance of any carpet depends mainly on its basic manufacturing. For instance, the two main types of carpet construction are loop pile and cut pile. Basically, the difference between these two styles is whether the fibers loop around so the sides of the yarn are exposed, or if the yarn is cut at the tips. You may find that loop piles are better for heavy traffic areas, but cut piles are just as nice for most areas of your home. In the end, you’ll probably find that you have a preference for one style over the other.

With wholesale carpet, you can investigate both loop and cut piles for further details. Loop piles can be grouped into a level loop or Berber loop styles. With level loop, you’ll find that the loops are small and even whereas the Berber loop pile has larger loops with mostly natural colors. Furthermore, there are some carpet styles that have a combination of cut and loop piles. The cut and loop combinations often have patterns that are woven into the carpet for texture and effect.

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As you look into the cut pile construction of carpet, you’ll find that there are four basic types of cut piles. Velvet cut pile is a carpet style with very dense construction to create a soft and smooth surface. Usually, the velvet style has fairly low height. The next cut pile style is called Saxony. Saxony has unique, upright tuffs that can be loosely or densely constructed for different appearances. Another version of Saxony is called Textured Saxony. With this cut pile carpet, the yarn is crimped to create a curled-tuff look. In this case, the addition of texture will hide vacuum or footprint marks in the carpet. Finally, the fourth type of cut pile carpet is a multi-color texture of Saxony. The addition of multi-colors in the carpet adds subtle hues to the overall appearance.

Whatever your final carpet decision is, adding carpet or replacing old carpet in your house will do wonders to the overall look and feel of your home. Even though there are some decisions to make about the particular carpet construction you need for your home, you won’t regret taking the time to learn a few basic details about wholesale carpet. In the long run, kicking back and relaxing on your brand new carpet will be worth it.


Source by Anndrew White

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