Carpet installation costs can fluctuate quite a lot across the industry, due to a wide variety of suppliers, materials and quality standards.

To determine the cost, you need to factor in labor, materials, disposal, and the square footage you want to cover.

The cost of Labor

Labor costs can fluctuate widely, as a contractor operating out of their van will have a lot less overhead than an established company and therefore charge less. While it might seem appealing at first to go with a discount carpet installation contractor, the majority of the time it is worth it to use a company with a physical location and a good track record, so if there are any problems throughout the course of the project you have recourse.

Whoever you choose to install your carpet, make sure you get a written estimate with provisions as to what if any additional charges there may be, and how they will be handled. Contractors or companies typically charge either hourly or by the square foot. It’s in your best interest to get a price per square foot, so you aren’t surprised with extra hourly charges.

The Cost of Materials

The most obvious material cost is the carpet itself, depending on the quality and thickness of carpet it can go anywhere from $1.50- $6 per square foot. Ask yourself what are the most important factors to have in your new carpet- is it the Style? Durability? Stain resistance? Once you determine the most important characteristics for your new carpet, it will narrow down your choices quite a lot.

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An often forgotten carpet installation material is the padding or underlay. This sponge like material provides a cushion between your carpet and the floor, making your carpet both feel nicer as well as last longer. The cost for underlay is about $1/sq foot.

There are also grippers that will be needed during the carpet installation- these are the joining pieces typically found in doorways. They are available at a very nominal cost, usually under $5 a piece.

The Cost of Disposal

Another often forgotten cost is the disposal of your old carpet and underlay. Unless you have a disposal method arranged, the carpet installer will need to pay to dispose of these items. Generally budgeting $1 per square foot for this is sufficient.

The Costs Square Footage.

Depending on the surface area you want to cover, this will be generally be the largest cost in your carpet installation project as your materials and at times labor are calculated based on square footage. Remember the carpet installer may charge more for stairs, and you may need to budget more for grippers in this case. By factoring in the costs of labor, materials, disposal and square footage you will have a good idea of what the costs of your carpet installation will be. Remember before you proceed or hand over a deposit get everything in writing and check the references of your carpet installation professional.


Source by Laurel R. Lindsay

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