People are motivated to buy and put area rugs in their homes for different reasons. Some want them to spruce up the design and appearance of a room, others want top create a more comfortable floor, others want to make a floor safer. Whatever your motivation is, area carpets can serve many functions. However, they can be very expensive. Below are a few ideas on how you can find wholesale area rugs that are of high quality.

1) Discount carpet warehouses. Those crazy commercials that you see on tv for these places shouldn’t turn you off from going to check out their stock. Many of them carry very high quality carpets, even area carpets. Because of the very low overhead they run on and because of the amount of stock they purchase, they are able to sell their units at a very low price. Go in person to see the quality of the carpets there. There is a big variance in quality from warehouse to warehouse so make sure to buy from one that offers high quality rugs.

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2) Remnants. If your motivation is to make a floor safer, remnants could be the answer for you. Many people want to place a rug in the kitchen to make the floor slip proof. Others want to put it in a child’s room to make the floor softer in case a child falls. Wholesale area rugs can be bought at remnant stores. The design or print will not be fancy, but there will be many color options. Most remnant stores will bind the carpet right there for you, at a minimal charge.

3) Factory Defects. Several area carpet manufacturers will offer wholesale prices to consumers on pieces that were made with minor defects that are often unnoticeable. However, if they don’t pass the quality standards set by the company, they will be made available to the public at reduced prices. Look for these offers online.


Source by Jennifer Lynn Hanson

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