If you are on the lookout for wholesale area rugs, you might want to check various online stores to find the perfect piece.

The beauty of area rugs is made possible by a merry mix of colors and designs. Notice that there are various patterns that are full of surprises in the design of area rugs. The harder and the longer you look, the more you will notice variations in design.

Oriental rugs originate from the areas in the world known for weaving rugs – Turkey, Iran, western China, Caucasus and India. During the 15th and 16th centuries, these rugs were also produced in Egypt and Spain.

Through the years, these manufacturers of area rugs have developed their distinctive designs that were based on local culture and tradition and available materials and supplies for dyeing. You will also notice that each area has a particular preference for design, patterns or colors.

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You may consider buying these area rugs online, where you can choose from an array of rugs ranging from contemporary accent and carpet rugs to other rugs made from natural materials. You may purchase them in small, large and medium sizes.

There are also antique rugs that are already from forty to ninety years old. These are imported from parts of Asia and Africa including China, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. These handmade antique rugs are all made from natural dyes.

Eastern antique rugs differ from regular or pile carpet rug in the sense that the design is made from interwoven colors and various designs to make what is called a flat weave.

So if you are looking for cheap, wholesale rugs, you may want to shop around and visit some stores that sell area rugs.


Source by Jimmy Sturo

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