There are three main types of carpet extractors, tank extractors, truck mount extractors, and self-contained extractor. Tank extractors use a tank that holds both the cleaning solution and a recovery tank for the dirty water that is recovered from a carpet. In conjunction with the tank a special wand is used to apply the solution to the carpet and then extract the solution from the carpet. The wand uses high-pressure to shoot the extraction fluid into the carpet fibers releasing dirt and grime. A vacuum system then pulls the dirty water out of the carpet back into the tank. A truck mount carpet extractor is used by professional carpet cleaners. The unit is usually mounted in a van or truck and is powered by either a propane or gasoline motor. These types of extractors are the most powerful and heat the water up to almost boiling temperatures. A wand is used in conjunction with the system to put the water into the carpet and pull it out. A self-contained carpet extractor is easy to use and is the most common type of carpet extractor. A self-contained extractor houses both a solution and recovery tank but also adds an agitator to beat the carpet fibers so that dirt is released and can easily be picked up from the carpet. These types of carpet extractors are smaller in size and are easy to store and transport from location to location. One of the leading self-contained carpet extractors in the United States is the Windsor Cadet Seven. The cadet seven is built from quality Windsor parts and is one of the most popular carpet extractors sold today.

The Windsor Cadet Seven carpet extractor is comprised of three main systems, an agitation system, a pump system and a vacuum recovery system. The agitation system on the Cadet Seven consists of a 15 inch brush that is powered by a.3 hp brush motor. The brush spins in the front of the machine and agitates the carpet fibers in turn releasing dirt and grime. Water is then applied from a pump system and squirts water into the carpet fibers at a pressure of 73 pounds per square inch. These two systems working in conjunction with each other clean even the toughest stains quickly and easily. The vacuum system on this unit consists of a three stage 1.5 hp vacuum motor that has a water lift of 120 inches. This is ample power to remove any dirty water and debris from the carpet while cleaning. The solution tank on this unit has a capacity of 7 gallons which houses the carpet extraction cleaning fluid. Alongside this is a recovery system that can pick up just over 7 gallons of dirty water making it perfect for medium-sized carpet cleaning jobs. Two large wheels on the back of the machine make it easy to maneuver and transport it even for a beginner. The solution is sprayed onto the carpet from water jets. The purpose of the water jets is to channel the water so that it has more power when it hits the carpet fiber. The outer body of the cadet seven is constructed of rotocast polyethylene which makes it impervious to cracking unlike ABS plastics found on comparable models.

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The Windsor Cadet Seven carpet extractor is easy to use and maintain. With just two switches the user can easily turn on the brush and vacuum system. A separate button located just under the handle is used to activate the pump system in turn spraying water into the carpet fibers. The machine is pulled backwards in direction and is easy to maneuver. The water can be filled on the top of the tank which is easily accessible and clearly marked. The machine is drained from a hose at the back of the unit and can be pulled up to any sink or toilet and drained within a minute.

Overall, the quality of the Windsor Cadet Seven is standard when matched against comparable units from other manufacturers. If the machine should break down for any reason Windsor parts can easily be found at any Windsor online store or Windsor floor equipment dealer. Winter parts are known to be extremely reasonable in price and are easy to install on any Windsor carpet extractor.


Source by Lee Harris

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