If you have wooden blinds in your home or are planning on getting some in the near future then it’s important to know how to clean them. Wood blinds look great in a number of different situations which is why they’re so popular but you need to remember that they require a certain level of maintenance in order to stay looking their best.

The problem is, dust and dirt regularly accumulates on wooden blinds which need to be cleaned regularly. Also, wood can rot or become disfigured if it isn’t cared for correctly. Some people get around this problem by using faux wood blinds which don’t require the same level of maintenance, but if you have real wooden blinds how can you care for them?

The first thing you should do is regularly get rid of all the dirt on the blinds by using a vacuum. This is safer than using water on wood and can also be done without taking the blinds down so is usually straightforward to do. The only thing you need to be careful of is scratching the wood which is why using one of the soft brush heads is usually a good idea.

Sometimes there’s bits of dirt that just won’t come off and in this case you need to use something that provides more friction without damaging the wood. A soft cloth will do although you need to be careful that it isn’t so brittle that it scratches of marks the wood. Always try to brush in the direction of the slats. The most important thing to remember is that if you can’t get a bit of dirt off the wood then more force is not necessarily a good idea as you risk causing damage.

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In some cases even using a dry cloth may not be enough so you should try using some sort of wood cleaner. It’s important to only use products that have been created with the purpose of being used on wood otherwise it you risk permanently damaging your blinds. While wood blinds do require some maintenance in most cases it doesn’t take long to do. It’s always a good idea to contact the manufacturer of the blinds and ask how they recommend cleaning them before trying any technique just to be on the safe side. To get a professional clean you could also pay a specialist to do the job for you.


Source by John P Potemkin

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